Why women love Erotic Novels?

The sales of romance novels climbed to astronomical levels the past few years. Women spent billions purchasing erotic stories filled with romantic scenarios. It’s no secret that females adore these types of fairytales. Millions of them spend hours caught up in these books. They daydream and imagine themselves somehow being part of what they are reading. Of course you have those who wonder why some would bother reading such books. Depending on whom you ask, the answer varies. But overall, most women who spend time and money on erotic novels, agree on certain things.

The first one is that women want to imagine what love is like for others. Even those who are in happy and stable relationships do so. The love problems and pains of other people is something they want to read more about. In other instances, it’s all about how female characters are represented in novels. Many of the characters are cunning, intelligent, perceptive and witty. It is a far contrast to plot stories which use women as a backdrop to progress a male’s point of view or storyline. Perhaps it’s the same reason many females today search for porn for women. The antiquated male-dominant style pornography is repulsive to them. Instead, they rather see pornography that is sensuous, realistic and romantic.

Of course it’s no secret that a large portion of women believe good men are hard to find. The real good ones are mostly available only in romance novels. That is a major reason why females peruse through these books. The male characters portrayed on the romantic novels are often sweet, caring, loving and gentle. Some may see this as a template of the ideal man they may want to find one day. Coincidentally, the female characters in these stories are often capable of doing limitless things. The reader is able to imagine herself doing what the female character does. In addition, there is also the drama, tension and romance behind the stories. People – not just women – want to believe in love in every way they can.

Romantic novels embrace this concept and focus on the emotions and passions of people. Case in point is the popularity of erotic porn the past few years. More men and women are turning away from rough and hardcore style smut. Instead, they want sultry, loving and erotic scenarios in their adult content. The fact that women are reading these romance novels so much should serve as a lesson to most of us. It shows that there are many females out there who are waiting for their knight in shining armor or Romeo. Or someone to sweep them off their feet.